Optimize energy usage help building greener planet.

Our planet is in much need of efficient energy and water usage. We took the challenging task of how it can be done with hi-tech yet very simple automation technology. GreenHub is suit of products that offers features like energy usage monitoring, goals, pattern analysis.

Why GreenHub?

With growing energy and water demand but constraint on supply side, human race needs to optimize the usage. Our client – a large US utility decided to research on how it can be done using smartphone application so end user can measure, monitor and manage the usage. The web based legacy application faced some issues because of reach. We helped the utility to transform the view.

How we did it?

With help of cutting edge technologies like Zigbee based smartplugs, sprinklers, water and electricity meters; energy and water usage data is available on real-time mode. But the challenge was how this data can be aggregated and how to perform analytics on it. To overcome this challenge, we decided to build the smart home gateway - the energy efficient device, which can communicate with variety of meters and smart plugs. This gateway acted as single point of communication for the user and aggregated all energy and water data.

We developed scalable, highly secure and reliable protocol between the gateway and cloud based portal solution. This portal provided tools to perform analytics and generate feeds for smartphone application. On achieving this task, our team introduced idea to build iPhone application to ease management task for end user.

GreenHub – iPhone application opened several ways how this data can be viewed, analyzed and be used for better management of resources. Our team of designers and developers worked together to create very intuitive application that encouraged users for participating in optimized energy usage. We also built tools for utility MIS for analyzing the pattern. This 360 degree coverage was well appreciated by users and utility management team.