Often people mistake seeing mobile apps as mini-software running on handheld with lot of constraints. While we see it as platform with infinite possibilities and modern way how thing can be.
We take pride in having team of experienced and passionate developers, who lives with
mobility in DNA.
Each app we develop we see it as part of big picture, and an innovative tool which can transform our customers’ business with lot of value addition.


We offer an extensive number of prebuilt custom solutions and frameworks like XeroS-Mobile Apps Data Engine, QAS-App Logger, SecureTron-Enterprise payment processing mobile module, AppIst-In-App Support Engine, we provide enterprise grade stable and highly reliable applications to end user.
With these frameworks and combining best-of-breed middleware and platforms, organizations can rapidly deploy secure and easy-to-manage mobile functionality to both business users and customers.
Our state-of-art mCMS (Mobile Content Management System) and mCDN(Mobile Content Delivery Network Service) helps developers and content author/enterprises push content securely and rapidly on mobile devices in platform neutral manner.


Our execution strategy follows Agile method for milestones in V Process Model. We adhere SEI CMMI Level practice for managing processes. Key highlights about or delivery process as per below:
  • Have Traceability of Requirements, design in verification process.
  • Execute the Risk Management & mitigation plan at design & execution stage.
  • Integrated well defined coding & design standards in execution.
  • Primarily we have following modes of business engagement with customer.
    • Fixed Price & duration Model:
      Scope of work, acceptance plan are predefined. (e.g. ODM products)
    • Time & Material Model:
      Define deliverables iteratively, allocate resources for given duration . (e.g. software development, maintenance)
    • Extended Development Centre Model:
      Allocate separate, dedicated resources for defined duration. (e.g. product maintenance, upgrades)


We have grown with mobility since PDA days. We enjoyed growth with exponentially changing phase of mobility area.
Thanks to our team of experts from various technical backgrounds, we have undertaken a range of development services related to numerous mobile platforms and operating systems.
These development services include stacks, browser solutions, platform components, mobile commerce, wireless entertainment, and business applications.
We consistently endeavor to adapt to all new versions and flavors of these platforms and will be ahead of the Indian services market in adapting to new and emerging platforms.