We believe mobility is not all about Apps its complete Digital Campaign

With endless combinations of Mobile User Interface (MUI) components, our designers and engineers work closely to make App experience as intuitive as possible.
Our team focuses on transforming the MUI to personal experience, which we call Digital Media Experience.
Our innovators are made of designers and planners from various domains be it, consumer electronics, broadcasting media, journalism, fashion.

This diversified team helps us design and deliver.

How Design influences




To ensure the best experience we, survey cultural expectation, perform usability tests across the target audience.
The best collaboration between enterprise and customer can only happen if the business meets end-user with comforting use.
Each human holds own flavor for how they see and use things. If apps does not flexes to accommodate user persona they bound to fail.
Handhelds are instrumental in allowing user to connect stuff which one love and care about. Successful design can only be achieved if they become first preference to deliver the task, and it delivers.
To connect desires of user with App and the brand served by App, it should contain verging appeal.
Colors and Shapes, which catch eye as well as delivers anappeal, never goes out of user’s mind and helps the brand develop loyalty.

Design Factors


Interaction Design

Platform Design

Before jumping to interactive design or flow selection ordefining attributes of components, we carry out process called as “Storyboarding”.
Here our designers and analysts and architects brainstorm how things can be connected without getting trapped into conventions. We craft big picture here and break it in modules, which is transferred into interactive design phase – IxD
Often split into various phases and does not surface as one, we give utmost importance to interaction design. Well-crafted by our MUI designers whom we call ‘touch-experts’ IxD blends shape and life(function) of components.
We define attribute and develop business story of app during this phase. This forms base for connecting business requirement with user interface.
Every platform be it iOS or Android or multi-touch enabled HTML5 browser, they offer certain functions and drives user experience their own way.
We strongly believe branding in app suits (group of applications on various platforms) should be achieved by leveraging those platform functions without loosing uniformity in shapes and colors. Our team of designers and architects work together to develop best possible UI experience to end-use.