Zero Paper Work – Efficient Inspection

Hospital Inspection Management System (HIMS) is solution designed for healthcare facility inspection teams. With innovative UI and smooth work flow in application teams could deliver much more within less time duration compare to paper work OR PC based solution.


Using old methodology inspectors had to go to various department sections and do paper based inspection. They had to take photos using digital camera and write the file name on paper. This led to lot of hassles on generating report and also increased the cost.

How we solved it:

MobiHub Team moved with team of inspectors and did research on workflow. Our team also learned how the process was carried out using old methodology. We took help of US Healthcare law experts what issues to be taken care of and also included team of data security experts for multimedia content.

This diversified team brainstormed and created design, which not only addressed but also built scalable inspection platform. We chose iPad as platform and developed state-of-art native app to log the inspection data. This application allowed storing data in offline database in secured manner. The inspector took it to different sections of facility and performed efficient inspection through out the day without worrying about how information will be managed. At the end of the day they uploaded all data to our cloud based HIMS portal with single click.
The HIMS portal provides complete cloud based solution offered variety of tools like reports, service requests management.