Diamonds are timeless, but we help you to value them precisely.

From mines of Botswana, to jewelry outlets in London via streets of Surat-India one thing is common but the most important, accuracy in calculating price of the most beautiful stone- diamond. We did it the fancy way.

Why an app for calculation?

Our clients in Surat(Western Indian city where world’s 90% of diamond processing is done) approached us to provide solution which can replace old PC based diamond price calculation and shape planning activity.

Our strategists spent hours at factories and outlets to understand the work culture, requirement of accuracy with speed for this trade.

We also found that application needs to be multilingual to support users at polishing site, trade houses and at retail stores. Understanding these challenges and also adding our expertise in workflow automation we designed the application, which delivered:
  • Cloud based price synchronization
  • Diamond shape planning
  • Plan and Template Creation
  • Plan Sharing with co-worker
  • Discounting over global prices