Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is just not the phase of development cycle. It is continuous activity, which starts with inception of idea.
We engage our QA taskmasters right from the design stage to build an App experience, which does not fail.
The perfect fusion of innovation, engineering and quality consciousness produce product which can be relied upon.

Support Process

Along with agile management practice, tools and methodology play critical role for achieving quality. Tools and process helps us rank priorities and forecast issues in advance. It also helps us achieve the deadlines without compromising on quality.

We strongly believe “QC OK” is just not a label applied on product, but it is the confidence, which we deliver to end-user. Our QA team drafts use-cases, usage environment, and test scenarios by carefully studying the requirements.
Their input is given high importance while developing the architecture. Our continuous integration and change management team make sure no build is released without complete testing.

Automation and Cloud-based Analysis

We have developed various QAS frameworks like ODLoggers, which can be seamlessly integrated with Apps. These frameworks provide ability to communicate with platform specific tools and cloud based data loggers to provide critical information.
This information helps our developers perform health-check on continuously.
Moreover, automated regression testing We also utilize various tools to perform memory and CPU usage testing to make sure app never faces burnout situation.

Round-the-Clock Testing

With our development and support center in US and India, we are able to serve our clients with 24 hours testing and support.
This is very much helpful when clients are facing very hard schedule and want testing to be performed rigorously. Moreover, it also helps us find and solve issues on various carriers/networks.