Cultivate and spread positivity

We usually tend to enjoy unplanned events or unexpected objects, but often forget to share with our social circle. How about sharing such events with people? UBED- Unexpected Beautiful Event of Day is about sharing such unexpected events worth sharing.

Our contribution:

Our client approached us with an idea, which they wanted to transform into app. The idea was unique and simple but could give very positive impact only if the app representing will have intuitive and soothing flow.

Our designers moved to streets and parks and studied how people notice events and capture. We built few mock prototypes and tried to use them on these places. Such experiments helped us design very effective user interface for the end user who are enjoying the day and trying to capture beautiful events. We added social networking sharing features along with UBED portal as an add-on to provide maximum exposure to the app. The result was, beautiful app for beautiful days we live.