With widespread of mobile handsets and availability of higher bandwidth, application market has seen exponential growth. Apps can host critical functions like medical transcriptions, process monitoring.
This functions needs to be backed by robust support and very low turn-around time. We believe in 10 seconds pit stop theory where we carry out tasks like issue evaluation to support by dedicated person from the team.

Whenever bug/issue is reported to use, we pull down logs, identifiers, causes, and runtime data environment like attributes from our QAS servers. This acts as key input to support process. It helps support team to “find, fix and air” rapidly, without hassles.

We also provide Level 3 support, which is boon for our customers when their in-house team cannotresolve issues and need support. This helps them for maintaining fail-safe enterprise-grade application.


Change is the only constant term in world we live in. Even after launch on app stores, our team puts efforts to enhance app. We use loggers and flow analytics in our UI components, which lets us find degree of complexity with app. We also upgrade our apps with new component as soon as they are launched from platform providers.

Once updated to new version, our QA team verifies the app in lab environment with functional and regression testing to make sure app transition remains smooth.
With availability of technologies like OTA, remote data management, we perform data backup and restore mechanisms so end user is always at comfort.