Mobile Custom Solutions reduce the complexity, cost and development time associated with developing custom solutions, while increasing their usability.

Combining best-of-breed commercial and custom applications, middleware and platforms, organizations can rapidly deploy secure and easy-to-manage mobile functionality.

Moreover, they can plan all aspects of the software development lifecycle, using almost any combination of onsite and offshore teams.

We specialize in:

  • End to End Development and Customization of applications
  • Value Engineering of Existing Applications
  • Web Based mobile client information management solutions
  • Enterprise Mobility : Cloud based Convergence of Embedded Devices and Smartphones

Kahuna offers an extensive number of pre-built custom solutions and frameworks, which reduces time-to-launch bug-free application.

  • Retail Stores Chain Solutions
  • Field Work Automation
  • Data Analytics
  • Workflow Automation for legal processes
  • Payment Processing Applications
  • Digital Media Distribution
  • Online Radio and Webcasting
  • Campaign design for communication
  • Data Logger Control
  • Field Data Analysis
  • Plant Management
  • Building Management System