Kahunas of Mobility

Blending art and engineering to usher state-of-art user experience

With years of in-depth systems experience & wide breadth of knowledge, we excel in designing and delivering digital strategies to help enterprises to enhance their business processes.

Application development and programming on mobile platform always require innovative thinking and in-depth technological knowledge. This is why; you need expert and skilled application developers who can find a set of feasible solutions towards your idea or the business need.

We integrate technologies, custom UI experience to transform complex workflows into easy to use, simplified apps to deliver smartness in work style. We endeavor to enhance our frameworks for providing solutions that strengthen sales forces, brings efficiencies in workflows through simple apps.We innovate to design experiences, which comforts your customer. Above everything relationship between enterprises and customers should become stronger. We work hard to help enterprises maintain relationship with customers.

Please refer our Expertise and Proficiency sections how we do this.


  • Idea to Proof-Of-Concept
  • App Incubation
  • Performance Enhancement
Workflow Automation
  • PC based WA to iPAD based WA porting
  • Analytics Enabled Workflow Automation Development using mobile apps
  • E-learning Applications
  • Media Streaming and DRM protected media application development
  • Education and Training Orientated App development
Enterprise Mobility
  • ERP Client App Development
  • SCM and Inventory Management App Development
  • MIS Dashboard App Development
  • Lead and RFP Tracking
  • CRM Module Integration
  • Data Security (MDM/MAM/Remote Data Wipe) for moving sales teams
  • Mobile BI
  • Customer Relationship Management Solutions with mobile clients
  • SLA Mobile Dashboard
  • Service Request Management Module for enterprises